Tracy’s Diary – An Escort’s Personal Space

Over the last few months we have been getting a steadily increasing number of requests from our readers to let some of our girls share their experiences and their emotions. Since the world of escorts’ is portrayed with so much glamour, yet there is such a great deal of obscurity surrounding the details of life they lead, it is natural to nurture curiosity about the life of escorts.

We approached Tracy of Toronto escorts to share with us, a page of her diary. What was even more surprising was that, she readily agreed. She wanted the haze surrounding the life of escorts to disappear. According to her, portraying escorts as dignified individuals who are successful in their respective lives is of utmost importance to gain the respect of clients, who often have a tendency of objectifying escorts. And needless to say, many of our escorts at Toronto escorts share the same views. So here we present today- Tracy’s Diary.

The one question I get asked the most is- “Why did you choose to become an escort?” I can almost guarantee that this one question tops the list of questions asked to an escort, and outnumbers any other question by a very huge margin. Well, for me it was the thrill of doing it, which was the biggest motivating factor. I did not have any financial problems or any loans I had to repay. In fact belonging to a sound financial background was what led me to enjoying my time even more without having any liabilities or things to worry about. Once I decided I wanted to be in the game I interviewed with Ace Toronto escorts before having been hired by my current employer. Being from an upclass family had more perks than I could have possibly imagined.

The interview was very cordial. The people at the agency made it look more like a casual conversation where they asked me about my expectations about the working conditions, the pay and any other particular concerns I had in my mind. It was an enjoyable experience. Today I am going to describe my thoughts as I had them on the very first day of my work.

The First Day! Well it was a mixture of so many emotions. I can’t even remember how many times I picked up my phone to call the agency and cancel the booking. But as the time grew closer and closer, the adrenaline rush kicked in and I was like- ‘Lets just do it today!’ I mean I knew there was going to be a first time, I couldn’t keep cancelling everyday just like that. “So why not today itself ?” The agency had sent a black sedan which was going to take me to the client’s home.

Apparently he was some regular guy having a rapport, and hence I did not have much to do on my part. I cannot describe the rush and the mix of emotions I felt when I stood at his doorstep. I was mustering the courage to ring the doorbell, when he himself opened the door, maybe because of the sound of the car at his gate.

Even though I was nervous, the remainder of the evening was very calm and I serviced the client according to his needs. At the end we both were very satisfied with the time we spent, and I did not realize how quickly time flew by. I soon got a call from the driver and I waived him goodbye. I sometimes wonder, the course of my entire escorting professional life could have been very different if my first encounter would have gone any different. The first client left me on a very positive note about the industry.

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Preparing For a Memorable Evening with an Escort

Getting to have pleasurable encounters with escorts is no less than rocket science. While many clients get the best experience every time, some people have horrible experiences almost every time and end up blaming the agency or the service. Such people seldom realize that while this is possible they might have hired the wrong escort, but mostly the blame lies with them. First timers are even more at the risk of such experiences since they aren’t familiar with the do’s and don’ts of the trade. We are bringing you an informative piece on how even you can have a memorable and satisfying experience with Toronto escorts.

Getting on with the basics first, escorts too are humans, they too have a human nature and they do get annoyed. So please do not do anything that might annoy the escort. If you want to try out something new, or something which is outside the terms of engagement as agreed upon in advance, or if you want to extend the time you have booked before hand, all you have to do is politely ask.  Learn to take ‘NO’ for an answer. If the escort has indicated that she isn’t interested in your proposition, you should never insist or keep nagging. Always remember, that though they try to bring the utmost relaxation and sensuality in your life, they do constantly have to work in a very risky job profile. Too much nagging or insisting can lead to termination of the encounter, and it wouldn’t be easy for you to get a refund because most of the agencies do not refund fees for your misdemeanor. The agency might also blacklist you, and you might lose access to some of the best Toronto escorts solution.

The next big thing is to maintain personal hygiene. Prepare yourself as if it were the dream date of your life. Get yourself a bath. Use a good quality soap or body wash. Get rid of any unwanted hair you might have on your body. You need to look your absolute best for the evening. Use some kind of good perfume on your body. Take your time in grooming yourself. Whatever works best for you is absolutely recommended. An unhealthy, unhygienic look often gives a negative vibe about the health of the individual. The escorts are always at a risk of diseases since their work is of intimate nature and they are not willing to make any exceptions about it. So no matter what you do, you need to look the absolute best for the evening.

The next important thing is to set the environment of your surroundings and the ambiance of the room right. Chances are, if this is the first time she is visiting your place, she always might be very anxious. After you have received a confirmation from, you need to set the mood of the room to be a bit relaxing. Use a bit dim lighting, but you should be perfectly able to see the surroundings. Use a good air freshener to make the surroundings freshening and more relaxing. Ambient surroundings would add wonders to your experience.

Once you have had set everything in place, you can proceed towards getting the best out of your evening.