10 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Sexuality

The world today is a very diverse place. It is also more open than it used to be for most of the societies. However, for a few societies it has turned to be something even more closed than it used to be. One ever pertinent question for us humans is the question of our sexuality. This does not include just the orientation, as many often confuse, but it also includes many other aspects such as kinks and fetishes which define a person’s true sexual well being and outlook. To be in denial and to suppress one’s true orientation and interests can often frustrate people and even land them in depression.

So today we bring you 10 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Sexuality

1. Because It is You

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Your sexuality is what defines you as a person. It is a true mirror of what you are as a human being. It defines your behaviour, your emotions, your interests and your likes and dislikes. You cannot keep hiding behind a false, forced prejudice upon yourself. The first thing you need to do is identify your interests and then start working towards them. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You need to get in touch with your inner self and find what you truly desire. Once you have figured it out all well, you can always move towards achieving what your heart truly desires.

2. Because It is Good For Your Mental Well Being


Suppressing one’s true carnal desires can lead to depression and mental health issues, many psychology studies argue. Instead, the people who have embraced their true sexuality tend to be more bold, happy and accomplished in their life. On the contrary, the people who tend to suppress their sexuality tend to end up frustrated and often depressed in their lives. Many a time such people don’t get the support they deserve from the society and end up hurting themselves or their loved ones. However, many of them end up making their careers in escort business which I think is a great way of professional understanding. In any case, being open to your sexual needs always makes you more comfortable and happy in your life.

3. Because It is Good For Your Physical Well Being

Once you have embraced your sexuality, you can move ahead towards achieving what your heart desires. Under such conditions, you are more inclined towards enjoying sex and having repetitive intercourse. On the other hand, when you suppress your sexuality and your true desires, you tend to slowly build up a tendency towards hating sex and then you slowly become detached from the whole idea of having sex. Such a situation is dangerous. On the other hand, having sex regularly keeps you fit and happy.

4. Because It is Your Identity

Many people forget that often a big part of their personality is their sexuality. It isn’t something you can ignore or hide in the closet, or even under the bed for that matter. It is nature’s order and it should be you who should be accomodating. Every idea has some supporters and some opposers, no matter what it is. Hence, you should always focus on the people who support you and keep a distance from the ones who oppose. You should be honest towards yourself and accept it naturally like any other aspect of your appearance or personality.

5. Because It is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of


One’s sexuality is something one is naturally made like. It isn’t something that is a curse or an order of the god. Neither there is a pill for it. You as a human have every right to be open about it, and you should be proud of it. You should accept it as a part of your natural self and be at peace with it. If someone tries to bully you about it, you shouldn’t shy away from taking a jibe at him. You, under no conditions are under an obligation to accept any kind of abuse because of your sexuality as an order of the society.

6. Because You Can Get Help


If you have any urges that you think you shouldn’t have, you can always approach qualified healthcare professionals. In most countries, help is just a phone call away. Qualified professionals can help you in accepting your true self and then building your comfort zone around it. You can always come out better from such treatments. Your outlook towards both yourself and the society will undergo a constructive change. If it is something you are shy with experimenting with your partner, you can experiment with escorts and get feedback first.

7. Because There Are Others Who Have Embraced It And Living With It

Whatever is your orientation and whatever are your sexual fetishes, you can always find a community for everything. You are not the only one with the same instincts and fetishes. There are online forums and websites where you can get help towards accepting your sexuality. People are often kind online, and having accepted the same prejudices as you, are always supportive towards their fellow users.

8. Because Society Begins With You

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What society or your family may think of you is secondary. This all would matter only when you are happy and leading a dignified life. You always have to remember that it is ‘You’ who is the focal point of your society. It is you where everything begins, and it is you where everything ends. The society for you, would be nothing without you.

9. Because No One Else Can Define Your Destiny


As we have pointed out earlier, it is an integral part of your life and your personality. You cannot achieve what you are destined to be unless you are of sound mind and health. Just because someone doesn’t approve of your orientation or your fetishes does not mean he gets to decide your destiny. Only one person has the right to decide your destiny, and that’s you.

10. Because You Have Every Right To Do So

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You have every right to live as a dignified member of the society, and that includes the freedom to your sexuality, sexual preference and sexual well being. Anyone that does not agree with this does not even deserve to be someone worth bothering for. Any educated person in the twenty first century would definitely give space to the freedom of choice of a fellow citizen.

We have tried to bring out this article to instill confidence in the mind of our readers who have been struggling with their sexuality and have been trying to accept their natural fetishes. We believe that accepting one’s sexuality is an integral part of one’s physical and mental well being, and we wish our readers all the very best in accepting their true identity and their true self.