Being An Escort in Canada: 5 Ways To Ensure Your Safety & Protection

Being an escort is not an easy profession first of all. It is supposed to be a great revenue generator for young and beautiful women but there is a dark side to it. Most of the sexual crimes against women usually have women escorts as the victims. According to this report, 58% of Americal women escorts have been sexually assaulted by their clients at least once, if not more.

This blog is intended to give 5 most effective safety tips for Toronto escorts so that the girls can ensure their protection from any kind of wrongdoings. Let’ss get started:

1. Keep Your Personal Life Protected By Not Disclosing Certain Details in Public

An escort or anyone, who is in such a profession which leads to dual lives know that how important it is to keep the personal life separated from the professional life.

Always keep an alias for the business and use it everytime you are called. Never use your real name in any conversation you have with a client or anyone related to the industry or might harm you.

2. Keep Emergency Numbers on Speed Dial

Be it Police, your personal bodyguard, or your boyfriend, always keep an emergency number on speed-dial in your phone. It is advised to keep a backup ready in case anything goes awfully wrong or the client decided to make a violent attempt on you.

As long as you have your bases covered, nothing much can go wrong. Keep your phone ready to be operated instantly. Keep it fully charged and near your reach all the time. People may call it a paranoia but trust me, in this profession, being a bit paranoid helps.

3. Protect Your Financial Commitments As Agreed Upon, Don’t Get Bullied Afterwards

Financial safety is as important as physical safety, if not less. If your client turns out to be a cheap-nugget and decides not to pay you, don’t get bullied and stick to your terms. Remember, you are not doing anything illegal and it is your well-deserved money that has been ripped off by a cheap client.

Always have a backup in this case too. Ask for your money upfront whenever possible. You can tell your clients that the tip can be based on the quality of the service provided and can be paid afterward, however, the cost for your time needs to be paid in advance.

4. Martial Art Lessons Will Help You in Long Term As Well

It is advisable to learn martial arts if you are in escorts industry. If there is one person who can actually protect you when you’re alone is no-one but yourself. It is better to prepare yourself with some form of self defense art. Judo, Karate, other martial arts will also keep you fit and young – An extra boost for your industry.

5. Protect Yourself Legally – Know Your Rights!

An important thing to note: Escort industry is not prostitution and is completely legal. You are not going behind bars if you promote your services as “escort” services and not “prostitution”.

These 5 tips will definitely help you to protect your body, money, rights and make your job more secure.