Being An Escort in Canada: 5 Ways To Ensure Your Safety & Protection

Being an escort is not an easy profession first of all. It is supposed to be a great revenue generator for young and beautiful women but there is a dark side to it. Most of the sexual crimes against women usually have women escorts as the victims. According to this report, 58% of Americal women escorts have been sexually assaulted by their clients at least once, if not more.

This blog is intended to give 5 most effective safety tips for Toronto escorts so that the girls can ensure their protection from any kind of wrongdoings. Let’ss get started:

1. Keep Your Personal Life Protected By Not Disclosing Certain Details in Public

An escort or anyone, who is in such a profession which leads to dual lives know that how important it is to keep the personal life separated from the professional life.

Always keep an alias for the business and use it everytime you are called. Never use your real name in any conversation you have with a client or anyone related to the industry or might harm you.

2. Keep Emergency Numbers on Speed Dial

Be it Police, your personal bodyguard, or your boyfriend, always keep an emergency number on speed-dial in your phone. It is advised to keep a backup ready in case anything goes awfully wrong or the client decided to make a violent attempt on you.

As long as you have your bases covered, nothing much can go wrong. Keep your phone ready to be operated instantly. Keep it fully charged and near your reach all the time. People may call it a paranoia but trust me, in this profession, being a bit paranoid helps.

3. Protect Your Financial Commitments As Agreed Upon, Don’t Get Bullied Afterwards

Financial safety is as important as physical safety, if not less. If your client turns out to be a cheap-nugget and decides not to pay you, don’t get bullied and stick to your terms. Remember, you are not doing anything illegal and it is your well-deserved money that has been ripped off by a cheap client.

Always have a backup in this case too. Ask for your money upfront whenever possible. You can tell your clients that the tip can be based on the quality of the service provided and can be paid afterward, however, the cost for your time needs to be paid in advance.

4. Martial Art Lessons Will Help You in Long Term As Well

It is advisable to learn martial arts if you are in escorts industry. If there is one person who can actually protect you when you’re alone is no-one but yourself. It is better to prepare yourself with some form of self defense art. Judo, Karate, other martial arts will also keep you fit and young – An extra boost for your industry.

5. Protect Yourself Legally – Know Your Rights!

An important thing to note: Escort industry is not prostitution and is completely legal. You are not going behind bars if you promote your services as “escort” services and not “prostitution”.

These 5 tips will definitely help you to protect your body, money, rights and make your job more secure.

Best Solution to Save Your Failing Relationship!

As we know, relationship and sex go hand in hand for most of the couples. Although, relationships are important to get uninterrupted intimate physical needs but having quality intimate encounters are also very important for the survival of the relationship.

If you are not able to engage yourself in a quality sex with your partner then it can hamper the natural communication. Situations can really escalate from that point onward resulting in small fights initially over the most trivial of things. It’s just a matter of time when any one the partner hits his/her breaking point and the little fight incarnates it and becomes too large to handle often leading to separation.

Someone would think, they were such a happy couple, how did their relation fall apart and they broke up? Well, the answer is they didn’t break up because they were not happy with each other. They just didn’t realize the mistake which was leading their sexual life to become monotonous as their activities became a routine hence putting the very existence of their relationship in danger.

Here’s a possible solution to it. Such scenarios can be well handled by hiring an escort to bring a new spark and trying something new apart from their routine sexual activities. There are absolutely no chances of word getting out as these encounters are discreet. On top of that, Toronto escorts are trained professionals and they can handle whatever you want to experiment with them.

Many escorts even enjoy serving a couple rather than individual encounters. Escorts will always keep the thing under control as per your demand. You can rest free and enjoy the experience and rejuvenate your relationship with this slight change in your regular sex life.

Biggest Benefits of Hiring Escort Services From An Escort Agency

Hiring an escort service is no longer what it used to be. It has now become much more convenient and  amiable to the consumer. Now there are dozens of escort agencies who make the deal for you so that you don’t have to do it feeling like a criminal. It is pure business and like any other business, hiring escort services from Toronto escorts has many benefits such as:

You’ll always get served with professional etiquette

This comes up as a part & parcel of the job. To survive in this competitive race, each and every escort agencies try to retain their clients. In order to retain them, agencies provide professional services for which they are answerable.

You’ll get guided assistance throughout the process of selection of escort. This kind of guidance comes in handy if the client is trying the services for the first time in his/her life.

Not only that, you’ll also be treated like a boss when you are with the escort. These girls know what men like and what they don’t. There is a dedicated training given to them on a regular basis to woo the clients with their sensuality and behavior.

Everything will be private. No leaks!

This is one of the most beneficial point which you should always consider while looking for escorts. You need your privacy to be guaranteed safe. Toronto escorts agencies are extremely secretive about their clientele and under no conditions will they reveal your personal details to anyone.

You can entertain yourself with the beautiful escort all you want, without even worrying about your privacy. It comes with the deal itself.

Extremely beautiful escorts

Escort agencies generally have a strict hiring criteria. You will get to make the selection from a lot of beautiful and sexy ladies. Unlike independent escorts, escorts in the agencies are verified service providers and their details are in the system. You will not get fooled at any point of your journey from start to end.

The escorts working in most of the top escort agencies are selected on the basis of their physique and they are paid relatively well than their counterparts. This is why, sensuous and better looking girls who want to try their career in escort services are often signed in by the agencies.

Wider scope of escort selection

If you opt to hire the services from an agency, the box for selection is, frankly, too big. They have escorts waiting for you in every category. Blonde, brunette, tall, just name it.

If convenience is a factor to consider while making the call, escort agencies have got it covered for you. Instead to googling through n number of sites, you just need to find of the website of the agency.

Value for your money

Now coming to the monetary part, the agencies usually charge higher than the independent escort services. Well, there is nothing wrong in it as they are there to provide you the most amazing service you could find in that price range. You will have agency certified escorts which means there is no worry for any unwanted disease. You are secured that way.

In fact, some agencies also give reward points which can be used next time when you hire any escort from those agencies.

Hope you know why escort agencies are better than their counterparts in this business by now.

Finding Boundaries With An Escort

There are so many different kinds of narratives associated with hiring Toronto escorts  or a companion, that there cannot be a simple one line generalization for the phenomenon. However, many basics that govern the most aspects are more or less similar. One thing which however varies wildly is the outlook and the approach of the customers or the clients towards hiring an escort and the way they pre-plan and proceed with the encounters.

Escorts and adult companions are the need of the hour. Life and stress, both have grown exponentially. People are no longer confined to a particular area or a job field. There are all kinds of temptations in the society and so less time for one to enjoy them all. Many jobs come with the occupational hazard of long working hours and too much travelling around. Such jobs leave less time for intimacy for an individual and not everyone is compromising enough to deal with the demands of a long distance relationship.

The approach taken by individuals towards hiring an escort is also too varied. Some people take a long time in shedding the social stigma attached to it. While some people have grown so comfortable with the practice, that being with an escort for them is like being with their second self. In either case, you have to acknowledge some basic facts of the trade that you are both going to be engaged in.

An Escort Is A Person:

In case you haven’t noticed, an escort too, like you and me, is a human being. They too have a mood which depends on how their day has been going and what kind of behavior you exhibit. While all the escorts will make sure your encounter starts on a blank slate, some behaviors  on your part can trigger harsh responses quite early. So, treat her like a human being and not an object.

No Means No!

While you do have agreed on a certain amount while making a deal with the escort agency while asking for Toronto escorts, it does not give you the right to do with her as you may please. It is very important for you to stick to the terms of the agreement of the booking. Any unexpected behavior on your end might make her feel uneasy and invite a backlash. If you want any add-ons, you need to politely ask first.

Anything Out Of The Box Needs To Be Discussed Beforehand:

So you want to try something new, something exciting or thrilling maybe? While the prospects of such an activity are huge and exciting for you, it might not be the same for the other person. If you are looking for any experience not usually asked for by clients, be sure to discuss it beforehand. While it might mean the world to you, the other person can feel outright disgusted by it. So whatever it is, discuss it beforehand. Toronto escorts and agencies can cater to your needs for sure.

Be Gentle, Unless Otherwise Agreed Upon:

You should come as a gentle caring person in the beginning so that the escort can cool herself down. Once you have established comfort, only then you can discuss about the arrangements and proceed with the encounter. Whatever it is, communicate with each other. Do not get into name calling unless you have already discussed for it, it simply is a huge deal breaker for the other person.

You can have a series of memorable encounters if you follow our tips above. Understanding the basic etiquette of dealing with escorts can give you many great and romantic evenings.

Tracy’s Diary – An Escort’s Personal Space

Over the last few months we have been getting a steadily increasing number of requests from our readers to let some of our girls share their experiences and their emotions. Since the world of escorts’ is portrayed with so much glamour, yet there is such a great deal of obscurity surrounding the details of life they lead, it is natural to nurture curiosity about the life of escorts.

We approached Tracy of Toronto escorts to share with us, a page of her diary. What was even more surprising was that, she readily agreed. She wanted the haze surrounding the life of escorts to disappear. According to her, portraying escorts as dignified individuals who are successful in their respective lives is of utmost importance to gain the respect of clients, who often have a tendency of objectifying escorts. And needless to say, many of our escorts at Toronto escorts share the same views. So here we present today- Tracy’s Diary.

The one question I get asked the most is- “Why did you choose to become an escort?” I can almost guarantee that this one question tops the list of questions asked to an escort, and outnumbers any other question by a very huge margin. Well, for me it was the thrill of doing it, which was the biggest motivating factor. I did not have any financial problems or any loans I had to repay. In fact belonging to a sound financial background was what led me to enjoying my time even more without having any liabilities or things to worry about. Once I decided I wanted to be in the game I interviewed with Ace Toronto escorts before having been hired by my current employer. Being from an upclass family had more perks than I could have possibly imagined.

The interview was very cordial. The people at the agency made it look more like a casual conversation where they asked me about my expectations about the working conditions, the pay and any other particular concerns I had in my mind. It was an enjoyable experience. Today I am going to describe my thoughts as I had them on the very first day of my work.

The First Day! Well it was a mixture of so many emotions. I can’t even remember how many times I picked up my phone to call the agency and cancel the booking. But as the time grew closer and closer, the adrenaline rush kicked in and I was like- ‘Lets just do it today!’ I mean I knew there was going to be a first time, I couldn’t keep cancelling everyday just like that. “So why not today itself ?” The agency had sent a black sedan which was going to take me to the client’s home.

Apparently he was some regular guy having a rapport, and hence I did not have much to do on my part. I cannot describe the rush and the mix of emotions I felt when I stood at his doorstep. I was mustering the courage to ring the doorbell, when he himself opened the door, maybe because of the sound of the car at his gate.

Even though I was nervous, the remainder of the evening was very calm and I serviced the client according to his needs. At the end we both were very satisfied with the time we spent, and I did not realize how quickly time flew by. I soon got a call from the driver and I waived him goodbye. I sometimes wonder, the course of my entire escorting professional life could have been very different if my first encounter would have gone any different. The first client left me on a very positive note about the industry.